Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry

Apple 15" MacBook Pro

Despite sometimes leapfrogging the market, Apple makes a great development machine. The battery will get me through most of a days worth of meetings, while the metal body holds up to my regular commutes. My big hands prefer the 15" model for the extra space.

Apple iPad

My first iPad, the first iPad, was left behind in an airplane seat pocket, and I was never able to recover it. I got the next version when it was released, and use it almost daily. The 31-pin connector is starting to fail these days, so I may have to upgrade before too long. I use my tablet mostly for reading, with a couple of go-to games.

Amazon Kindle

While the iPad serves as my main reading device, there are ample times when the brightness of the screen is something I want to avoid. The Kindle fills that gap, letting me read in bed without the side-effects of blue light keeping me awake. I mostly read non-fiction. Content usually revolves around business, economics, and theology.

Apple iPhone 5s

Yup, still using an iPhone 5s. I just have not found the need to upgrade, and I am not one to "keep up with the Jones'". The battery still lasts a day, sometimes two days, but it getting less reliable. An upgrade may be in my future. My iPhone is mostly used for travel applications, staying current on Slack and email, and occasionally an quick scan of Facebook and Twitter.

Apple Watch

This upgrade was afforded me by my employer, IBM, who subsidized the purchase. Since my iPhone does not support Apple Pay, the Apple Watch quickly found a permanent place on my wrist. Outside of payments, the quick glance access at notifications proves amazingly convenient. When I go running, the Watch proves a reliable sidekick to keep my pace.

Previous: Garmin Tactix

At 6'7" I am a big guy, and as I travel frequently, I can be very hard on my watches. The Garmin Tactix is a tank of a watch. Great for when I go running, but useful for geocaching, and marking waypoints for interesting travels. Imagine my surprise to find Peter Lubbers wears a Tactix as well - the only other person I have seen sporting this military-grade gear.

Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag

I have been a fan of the messenger style bags for years, and Timbuk2 has been my go-to brand for durability. I like the Commute Messenger because there is a back panel that safely holds my 15" MacBook Pro, iPad, and Kindle, and can be unzipped to lay flat for airport security. No removing my laptop in the security line.